Parkrun – My Running Club

I mean to post this ages ago and as usual I forgot until now.

I  mentioned previously here about doing my local Parkrun, and the whole concept behind it.

Well now I’ve got my brilliant personalised t-shirt which personally I thinks looks great.  I’m hopefully going to wear it for all my major runs this year.

The name “Elgin” on the front refers to my hometown Parkrun.









I don’t think I’d ever join a running club but I’m proud to wear the orange t-shirt and say that Parkrun is my club!

Inverness 5K 2017

I did my first race of the year today, a nice, flat 5K in nearby Inverness.  I haven’t done this race before so it was great to do a new one.

The run itself was really good and it was a nice route alongside the river.  Here’s a few pictures from the day.


I look terribly serious here.  It could be fear


I’m in the middle of the photo holding on as this bridge was really shaky!


You’d think I actually enjoyed running or something.










And a smart little medal for my collection.  Thanks to all who helped organise and make the day happen.