2016K Challenge – Weeks 16 and 17

Week 16

Distance completed       =           25.45 miles  (41.0 km)

Distance to go                  =           906.71 miles (1429.67km)


Week 17

Distance completed       =          30.20 miles (48.60 km)

Distance to go                  =          876.51 (1381.07 km)


The marathon training is clearly helping to take my ‘distance to go’ figures down, but I am wondering what’s going to happen once my marathon is past.  I’ll probably have a week or so off from running but I need to make sure my numbers don’t slip too far.  It’s going to be interesting.

Marathon Training Plan – Week 11

So week 11 went a bit like this:


Monday     –     rest 

Tuesday      –    6 miles

Wednesday  –  6 miles (unfortunately I failed miserably)

Thursday    –   6 miles (once again life got in the way)

Friday         –   rest (instead I managed 3 miles)

Saturday     –  4 miles (was running the Balmoral 5K so managed 3.2 miles instead)

Sunday        –  18 miles


A couple of missed days is disappointing but I managed my big run today and boy is it painful.  Next Sunday is 20 miles – yikes!

Balmoral 5K 2016

Had a lovely day through at Balmoral Castle yesterday running the 5K race.  As ever, the day went like clockwork with brilliant organising and perfect weather…

…hang on did I say perfect weather?

IMG_0948Yep, it snowed.  It actually snowed a lot, but thankfully it had stopped by the time my race started.  It was so cold I could hardly tie my shoelaces at the start and thought  I might need to ask a complete stranger to do them up for me!

Of course the cold weather didn’t stop the kids who were brilliant as ever.


I’m sure there are a few future champions amongst this lot!

I managed to record my way around the course, and you can watch the video here.  It’s a speeded-up version because no-one wants to listen to me sound out of breath for 25 minutes but it should give an idea of the scenery which was beautiful.

Anyway it was a great day as it always is – I was roughly a minute outside my PB but it was so cold at the start it was actually painful so I’m not too concerned about the time. And now I feel the running season has started properly.  Roll on the next one!


Marathon Training Plan – Week 10

Monday   –          rest

Tuesday     –        6 miles

Wednesday –      4 miles

Thursday     –       6×5 minutes with 2 min jogs between (2.45 miles)

Friday           –       rest

Saturday        –     3 miles  which unfortunately I didn’t manage as I was away

Sunday            –   13 miles


All in all I’m quite pleased with this week.  The Sunday runs are very serious now – from next Sunday it goes 18-20-18-20.  Still, I will take confidence from knowing I can complete a 20 mile run.

Marathon Training Plan – Week 9

Over half way through my plan – yikes!

Monday           rest

Tuesday          3 miles (should have been 6 miles, but one of those days)

Wednesday    6 miles (should have been 4 miles but a much better day)

Thursday        7 miles

Friday              rest

Saturday         4 miles

Sunday            13 miles


The Sunday runs are getting serious – after next weekend they consist of 18 and 20 mile runs until the week before the marathon.  Still, it’s nice to be following a proper plan and hopefully it will pay off.

Great Films You’ve Probably Never Heard of……Part 1

And now, a new feature in my blog with the fairly self-explanatory title, “Great Films You’ve Probably Never Heard of…”

First up is a British sci-fi effort from 1961 called “The Day the Earth Caught Fire“.   I’m a big fan of sci-fi films from the 1950s and 1960s – most of these films revolved around Earth being threatened by an alien invasion, or something similar.

filmThe Day the Earth Caught Fire is a bit different because its threat to Earth is completely man-made, namely the USA and USSR detonating simultaneous nuclear bombs which throw the Earth off its axis, tilting the planet towards the sun.  This change causes havoc with the planet’s weather systems – some countries experience rising temperatures whilst others suffer terrible floods.

The whole event is seen through the eyes of a London based national newspaper and I’ve always thought this gives the film a realistic look and tone.  Sure some of the special effects aren’t that special but they still manage to convey the fear of the impending apocalypse which nicely mirrors the population’s ‘H-bomb’ worries of the day.

The main three actors – Leo McKern, Janet Munro and Edward Judd are all good in their respective roles, creating memorable characters which lead the audience through an increasingly sombre storyline.

The blu-ray version is particularly good, with a very nice picture and lots of interesting extras which make this well worth the purchase.  This is a very intelligent ‘end of the world’ movie which deserves to be seen by a new audience.