Great North 10K – 9th July 2017

So on Sunday I completed my first Great North 10K in Newcastle.  It’s a very enjoyable event which starts beside Gateshead Stadium and finishes inside the stadium itself.  Yesterday I posted a video of approximately the last 3K of my run and you can view it here.

Approximately 5000 people took part and runners were set off in waves to ensure that there wasn’t too much overcrowding.  As I mentioned in a post yesterday,  it was really really hot which – for me at least – made it quite uncomfortable.  However it was a really well organised event with great support from the public so here’s a few photos of the day.



As with all Great Run events this one was very well organised


This man was raising money for charity.  Not sure how he got on but he was having fun.

The finish was inside Gateshead Stadium which was absolutely brilliant as I’ve only once before finished on a proper running track and it makes it quite exciting!  I’m actually in the second shot, at the back in the orange shirt, pretending that I’m a proper runner.



And all finishers received a rather smart medal as well.

It was tough going, not least because it was extremely warm and I’m a bit out of shape right now, but it’s so nice to have the chance to do something different.

Highly recommended.

Great North 10K 2017 – A Short Video

Yesterday I took part in my first ever Great North 10K in Newcastle which was a brilliant event, although it was too warm for my liking.

I’ll write a few words and post some pictures later but here’s a video I took on my head cam of roughly the last three kilometres.  Sorry for sounding so out of breath but I was really struggling by this point!


Edinburgh Half Marathon 2017 – A Quick Review

So last Sunday I took part in the Edinburgh Half Marathon and although I run in the city a lot it’s the first time I’ve done this, or any half marathon in a few years.

The previous week had seen something of a heatwave, with temperatures the Friday before hitting 29C in some parts of the country (and for Scotland, this is very very hot weather).

One real positive was that the race started at 8am on the Sunday morning and the temperature was cooler than it had been the previous week, however, within a few minutes of the race starting the sun came out and it got warm.

Very very warm.

By five miles I was struggling a bit and pouring bottles of water over my head.

Through halfway and I realised there was no chance of any PB today – it was damage limitation.

By 10 miles it was self-preservation on my part.  I recorded the last three miles or so which you can watch here and I’ve never seen so many people at the side of the road, in various states of distress, requiring medical treatment.  Half a mile from the end I saw a poor guy flat out on a drip.

Anyway, I finished in one piece and, despite the conditions, really enjoyed it as ever, and I received a rather nice shiny medal.


Edinburgh Half Marathon 2017

I completed the Edinburgh Half Marathon yesterday which was pretty hard going as it was extremely warm.

I’ll post a bit about it later but I filmed the last three miles of my run from roughly the 10 mile mark until I crossed the finish line.

So here it is in all its glory, with apologies for my heavy breathing as I was really out of breath!