Photo of the Week

Some seals, taken outside the village of Portgordon which is a few miles from my home.


I’m amazed that this photo is even vaguely in focus, because my camera was at full zoom and I could hardly keep still as it was blowing an absolute gale!  Still, it’s always nice to see the seals.  As you can see the tide was out so they were just relaxing on the rocks.

Balmoral 5K – Saturday 25th April 2015

I was through at Balmoral Castle on Saturday taking part in the 5K run.  It’s been a tradition for me since 2002 – I’ve only missed one race since then, in 2006, when my brother decided to have his wedding the same day (thanks Bro!)  The weather forecast wasn’t very good, but thankfully it turned out not too bad with some rain showers and high winds interspersed with bright sunshine – in other words, typical Scottish weather!

The Saturday consists of various children’s races along with a senior 5K and 10K.  On Sunday there is now a 15 mile trail run and this year saw the first duathlon, consisting of a run, a bike ride, and another run.  By all accounts the races on Sunday went very well, and the weekend as a whole seems to go from strength to strength.

But back to Saturday, and we were there on time to see some of the children’s races which were good fun to watch.  The races are held on good ‘proper’ pathways which cut through the beautiful woodland on the castle Estate.

IMG_0723 IMG_0729

For the 5K, exactly 700 people started and, as ever, it was tense on the start line!


This was the view behind me at the start.


And here was the view ahead.  The ‘bridge’ in the distance is the actual start line so as you can see there was a fair distance to go before my race ‘properly’ began.

12.30pm came, the hooter sounded and we were off.  The route itself is nice and steady, with only one slight uphill which is good, because I don’t like hills!


Pretty quickly everyone spread out and I soon got into my stride.  I ended up taking 10 seconds off my previous PB which would have been more if I hadn’t had to stop and tie my lace.

That’s my excuse anyway!

Roll on next year.


The Enfield Haunting – Trailer

In paranormal circles, the Enfield Poltergeist is one of the most interesting events ever to take place in the UK.  In 1977/78 a suburban house in North London was plagued by reports of strange activity, such as objects moving around the house on their own.  The activity seemed to centre around one of the children, a girl called Janet.  It has now been made into a television drama to be shown in May.

The really unusual thing is that so many people witnessed strange events in the house – these witnesses included police officers and journalists.

If you are at all interested in the paranormal and are unfamiliar with the events of the Enfield Poltergeist then you should read up on it.  It is a fascinating story.