Every day hundreds of geese fly over us.  It’s such an amazing sight.  Here’s a photo from earlier this week.


I love watching the way they turn in flight whilst maintaining their shape.  I don’t know where they’re coming from or where they’re heading for but the sky is always full of them.

Away on holiday last week so did not get quite as much running done as I’d hoped:-

Week 36

miles completed = 16.12

miles to go      =   146.93


Week 37

miles completed = 20.24

miles to go =  126.69


I’m determined to finish this by the end of the year, but I must remember I actually have until the end of February 2015 so I’m pretty sure I will complete my challenge on time.

A sure fire sign that Autumn is here – a beautiful but frosty morning.


I had a short trip to York this week.  It’s a beautiful city in the North of England, just a couple of hours over the Scotland / England border.  It’s one of my favourite places to visit.

Probably the most famous attraction in the city is York Minster, which was completed in 1472.

outside Minster

courtesy of Wikipedia

courtesy of Wikipedia

A very unusual part of the city is the walls which have been there since Roman times.



Around the walls are four gatehouses or ‘bars’, (Bootham Bar, Monk Bar, Walmgate Bar and Micklegate Bar). These were used to restrict traffic in medieval times, as well as tolls.  They were also used for defensive positions in times of war.  People can also walk along the walls around the city.  It all feels very unique and a wonderful way to view the sights.

Some of the streets around York are very narrow.  Perhaps the most famous one is called the Shambles.


The wonderful cobbled, narrow streets makes me feel like I have stepped back in time.

It’s a brilliant place to visit and I’m already planning my next trip!

I’m going to start blogging a ‘photo of the week’, for  the next while at least.  I was going to try ‘photo of the day’ but, to be honest, my life is not exciting enough to find a photo per day!  Anyway, here’s week one:-


photo a week

Taken outside a florist’s shop in central York.  Well, it made me laugh!

Week 34

miles completed = 19.96

miles to go = 186.31


Week 35

miles completed = 23.26

miles to go = 163.05


Holidays next week so I won’t manage too much running. I’d love to have this done by the end of the year but maybe not.  I’ve got until the end of February so plenty time, as long as I keep squeezing out the miles every week.

So for week 32 I managed the following:-

miles completed = 17.63

miles to go    =      227.52

And week 33 was:-

miles completed = 21.25

miles to go   =  206.27

Week 33 was helped by me completing the Aviemore 10K where I took two minutes off my PB.  So hooray for me, it’s nice to know the older I get the quicker I am running!

I’m still managing to squeeze out the miles each week although, once again, real life is impeding!

Week 30

miles completed = 20.80

miles to go           = 268.13


Week 31

miles completed = 22.98

miles to go          = 245.15


I would really like to try and have it done by the end of the year so fingers crossed!

Week 29:-

miles completed =      21.20

miles to go           =    312.21


Week 30:-

miles completed23.28

miles to go          =  288.93


It is nice to be down into the “200’s” now.  I’m still on course to finish by the end of the year which would be two months ahead of schedule.  Of course that is entirely dependent on real life not getting in the way!

It’s interesting at this time of year, when late Summer creeps towards Autumn, we seem to have more and more fog first thing in the morning.  This was my view out running at 6am.

IMG_0410 IMG_0407

Very murky as you can see!  The plus side with this weather is that the spider webs take on a new life of their own.


Actually as stupid as it sounds, I think fog is an amazing quirk of Mother Nature, and long may it continue!

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