There’s been some terrible flooding here in Elgin today.  Around two hundred households have been evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Here are a few random snaps which illustrate just how bad it is.

This is the main railway line looking up towards the station.  You can just see in the distance a train sitting at the platform.  The second picture is looking back down the line – absolutely no trains are running today, in either direction.

IMG_0454   IMG_0463


Shops and businesses have been badly affected and left with an awful lot of cleaning up.


And some roads have been completely closed to traffic.  I took these photos this morning and even now the roads are still closed.  The disruption  in and around the town is terrible.

IMG_0462 IMG_0456

Apparently the storm was caused by the remnants of what was Hurricane Bertha.  I’ve never experienced a hurricane and I hope I never do – what we had last night was bad enough.

I’m up to week 22 and managed the following:-

miles completed = 28.77

miles to go          –  433.20


And week 23:-

miles completed =   15.24

miles to go        =    417.96


Almost through the 400 mile barrier, so that will be a nice boost!

 I’m a sucker for museums and today had my first trip to the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.



To put it mildly, it is awesome!  What struck me the most, apart from the size, was the absolute variation of objects on display.  For example:-


This is a Gemini space capsule which was built in the 1960s and was designed to land in the desert instead of the ocean.  It is on loan from the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institute, USA.

And then for something completely different!


A Formula 1 racing car from the Stewart Team in 1997.  As a big F1 fan it was really nice to see this close up.

The museum has everything from the natural world, to outer space, the evolution of communication and huge numbers of exhibitions on different cultures.  It has lots of interactive displays with buttons for kids (and big kids!) to press.  And in a world of overpriced entertainment, it is all completely free!

What’s not to love!?


I’m in Edinburgh for a couple of days – one of my favourite cities – and despite the fact I’ve been here loads of times there are always places I’ve never visited before.  One of them was Greyfriars Kirkyard which has been described as the most haunted cemetery in the world.

Burials have taken place here since the 16th Century and some notable Edinburgh figures are buried in the cemetery.


It was a nice sunny morning when I visited and the cemetery was as pleasant as a cemetery can be.

However Greyfriars Kirkyard is haunted by the story of the Mackenzie Poltergeist.

IMG_0438 IMG_0435

This is the Mausoleum which contains the body of one George Mackenzie who, in 1677, became the Lord Advocate (Chief Legal Officer for the Scottish Government).  He earned the nickname “Bloody Mackenzie” due to his persecution of Presbyterian Covenanters during this period.  He died in 1691.

In 1999 a homeless person broke into the Mausoleum one night and since then there has been a whole range of strange incidents from people being scratched and suffering cuts and bruises, to actually passing out.  The theory is that when this person broke in he disturbed something which should have been left alone. Of course this is only a theory because, as yet, no-one can actually prove the existence of ghosts!  It’s quite a compelling story however with hundreds of people reporting having had an “unexplained” experience in the cemetery.

A ghost tour runs through the graveyard at night so maybe I will be very brave one day and decide to go on it.  During the day it is a pleasant enough place to visit but I’m sure after dark it takes on a new and less welcoming atmosphere!




I’m away for a couple of days next week so thought I’d post what I managed for week 21;

miles completed  = 32.80

miles to go          =  461.97

I won’t get a lot done next week but I’m really pleased how it’s gone so far.  Long may it continue!


Some really lovely weather the past couple of weeks has meant I’ve managed to do a bit more running.

Week 19

miles completed = 24.85

miles to go           = 532.10


Week 20

miles completed = 37.33

miles to go = 494.77


I’ve got some holidays coming up so figured it’s best to try and get as many miles as possible on the board.  Fingers crossed I can keep it up!


The Commonwealth Games takes place in Scotland later this month.  If you don’t know what it is, the Games is a smaller version of the Olympic Games with countries from the British Commonwealth taking part.

As with the Olympics, there is a baton relay which travels around all countries of the Commonwealth – it’s been doing this since last year and is now on the home stretch travelling around Scotland before the Games opens at the end of July.

Last week it came through my town and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the relay.


The relay went down part of the main street and finished in the local park where lots more people were watching.

As you can imagine it takes a lot of organisation and there were loads of police and stewards looking after everything.


But everything seemed to go well and finally the baton itself arrived.


As with the Olympics, people are nominated to carry the baton for a short distance.  I don’t know who this young lad was but it was such a great moment for him.



The past two weeks I managed:-

week 17

Miles completed =  21.00

Miles to go =           578.65


Week 18

Miles completed = 21.80

Miles to go =           556.95


And I was watched closely by this rather terrifying beast:-



Week 15 of my run and I managed the following:-

miles completed:  –  27.35

miles to go:           –  626.95


And week 16 produced this:-

miles completed27.20

miles to go:          599.75


I also changed my route slightly and was greeted with the following at 6am one morning:-

DSCF0381 DSCF0383

It made the early start all the more worthwhile!



There was an open day in our local park last week. Amongst all the stalls and activities were a charity who rescue birds. It’s wonderful seeing these creatures close up. Here are a few random pictures.






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