Sound Clips – The Great Outdoors

Recently, whilst I’ve been out running / walking / cycling I’ve started trying to record some sound clips of the great outdoors.  I don’t think there’s anything nicer than hearing the natural world, especially first thing in the morning.

I’m only recording them with a very cheap microphone onto the voice memo app on my Ipod.  I might think of investing in a better recording device.

Anyway, I’ve posted a few clips here – just to see what they sound like.

Marafun 2015

Every two years my home town holds an event which is known as the Marafun.  The idea is that teams of five run a relay race around the town centre, and once all five members have completed their laps this equates to a marathon distance.  It’s been running since 1991 and approximately 100 teams take part, raising thousands of pounds for local charities.

The event took place last Sunday in the most awful weather (it’s June in Scotland, what do you expect – sunshine?!)


The town centre makes a rather nice course although I believe the cobbles are a bit hard to run on. On the right side of the picture the course heads up to the welcome sight of the finishing line.


Here are a few of the hardy souls who braved the rain showers.  It’s great to see people of all shapes and sizes take part – I think its a nice event for people who are maybe starting out in running and want to take part in something a bit ‘different’.  Anything which encourages people to be active has got to be a positive thing.

Here’s a small piece of video I took of the runners on their first lap.